Dominika Dudziak – they call her eternal student! She asked a question why should we do things that we don’t feel bring us satisfaction and happiness. That’s way she change several major only for start the best of them, which is Tourism and Recreation. Currently she is member of Student Council on WNGIG UAM. Travels are her biggest passion! For her nothing is impossible! Just say: “Donia, wanna go somewhere?” and right away she has head full of ideas. She also feel comfortable as an event manager. She can boast of helping with the organization of events like: Dni Turystyki, Juwenalia Poznań and Wielkie Grillowanie UAM.

Kornelia Sydor – a geoinformation graduate, has now switched to cartography and remote sensing, which is definitely just as interesting. In addition, a teacher of geography and everything related in primary school, ZHP instructor. Dreaming nature tales is her middle name. As an organizer, she feels like a fish in water, nothing is impossible for her. She does a million things at once, but so far, surprisingly, she manages to survive, finding time for everything. One of her last adventures was the Dar Młodzieży sailing trip on the Independence Cruise.

Urszula Piątkowska – a geology student, fascinated by travels, especially unconventional ones, not afraid of harsh conditions and lack of comfort. She usually spends the summertime on a horse’s back and winters among the snowy mountains. A curious creature asking hundreds of questions and wanting to see everything, even the ice at the pole. Often detached from reality and wandering around fantastic worlds, in her free time you can find her running with a sword and armor in the woods or yelling strange spells, but this is a hobby called a LARP, not a mental illness.

Weronika Górna – my name is Weronika and I’m geography student (hydrology, meteorology and climatology). A long, long time ago I saw beautiful clouds in the sky (now I know that they were mammatus) and that’s how my adventure with meteorology began. I’m a diligent student who spend evenings with John Grisham (on paper of course) and good music. I love travelling. For many years I got to know other Greek islands, but only on Lanzarote I left a piece of my heart. The current goal is to learn Spanish in order to reside on this magnificent volcanic island and show visitors around. There are no impossible task for my, there will always be a way, even if it is difficult and requires hard work.

Małgorzata Wysocka – third-year student of geology. She has always been fascinated with the world, its colors, diversity and harmony. Feels special conetion with nature, which she hopes to understand one day and get to know how you know your best friend from childhood. She loves to sing, play, photograph, dance, create, experience and laugh. The best thing to do, for her, is to travel through unknown lands on foot and by hitchhiking. Scientifically interested in environmental changes, the study of past ecosystems and the mineral and form diversity of rocks and formations.

Kacper Otto – eternally busy and late. A person with a headl full of ideas and a crammed calendar. He combined his passion with study In order to have a little much time. Now he is a student of Tourism and Recreation. He loves travelling and has already visited almost all European countries. He enjoys cycling in the mountains and his favourite means of transports is hitchhiking. He wants to visit 20 countries this year. Although he has never been in Brazil yet. However, he trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every day. He loves eating a lot and healty despite his sporty lifestyle. He loves Asian and Italian cuisines. Addicted to black coffee without milk and sugar. This coffee often help him at morning classes at university. 


Tutor of the research project

dr Magdalena Kugiejko – her curiosity about the world and love to travel as well as passion for beiing in unusual natural environments brought her to the University of Adam Mickiewicz, where she works as a lecturer at the Chair of Tourism and Recreation. In her scientific research, she deals with the impact of increase of tourist traffic on Spitsbergen island – is it environmental challenge or chance for progress of the region… After work, she plays volleyball and climbs the mountains.

Scientific counselor of the Stanisław Pawłowski Students Scientific Association of Geographers

prof. Andrzej Kostrzewski – Geography Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, geographer, geomorphologist, geoecologist. Since 1971 he has been a scientific counselor of Stanisław Pawłowski Students Scientific Association of Geographers. He educates and inspires students to this day.